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        Photography by Sheri Reed
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With over 25 years of freelance photography experience in everything from weddings, infant/child  portrait, animals, to Hip Hop/Rap concerts etc. After the tragic death of my first born son at the young age of 19 years young I realized to many families were torn apart with "IF ONLY'S" If only I had taken another photo of this or had a picture of that. So I left my office job and picked up my camera and went back to what I love the most and started creating memories for people once again ! All my photography is what I call my artistic work with attention to detail in every image.

I take pride in my absolute professional manner whether it be at a Hip Hop concert or your wedding day. All clients are given my absolute best and are the center of my attention at all times. I am forever learning new techniques to better myself and up to date on current photography styles, fashions, trending, behind the lens methods and equipment. Nothing is too small or too big, whether it be capturing the intimate moment of your home child birth , to a rock concert with 10,000 plus people . Care , Professionalism ,and compassion are of the utmost from handling your newborn infant to your loved ones final breath. I strive to be versatile in all moments of life right through death. I am currently working with local and abroad Hip Hop artists, skateboard enthusiasts, and Tattoo Artist.

Your Photographer : "Sheri Reed" ShooterSheri

Assisted by the ever talented ~ Ryanne Reed ~

Ryanne is currently a grade 12, she is 90% overall student at TAS in Peterborough Ontario, where she is majoring in "photography". As her mother I can honestly say Ryanne (pronounced just like the boys name RYAN) has had a camera in her hand since she could walk. She is beyond talented and artistic in everything from her photography to drawing, acting, and not to mention a truly gifted singer. She actually won a scholarship from her singing abilities and is taking the summer 2017 off to pursue her singing and to sing for the Queen in England. While some of her other hobbies include, horses and reading. When I say this kid is talented she will never leave you disappointed. She is my go to girl and honestly the muscle behind my business. She not only helps to lug everything in and set up everything needed in order to have a perfect photo shoot, she will also keep the kids giggling and the newborn babies soothed. She has impeccable attention to detail and will notice every single "whoops", from lighting in the background, camera settings, to a small fluff in your hair. She truly is a God send when it comes to making everything go off without a hitch . Now with all that said we have not forgotten her actual skills when it comes to photography. The answer is this >PERFECTION<  I am so impressed by her photos that I even have a tiny bit of envy, I am normally the first to look at everything on the big screen following a shoot and try as I might to pick it apart I can't everything she does is beyond beautiful, and she makes me proud. She is incredible at casual and spontaneity and her angles in which she shoots are so dramatic. I only wish that I could capture the breathtaking photos she does on a continual basis. She is daring and not afraid to shoot out of the box, always bettering herself with every shoot she does. Hands down I couldn't ask for a better partner and she is more then capable of venturing on her own. As a team we work knowing what the other is thinking and doing. You as a client should have no fear she may be young but she is fresh, trustworthy, pleasant to work with and will leave you jaw dropped upon looking at your finished images, believe me when I say you couldn't have a better photographer...