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A Grieving Mom On Mothers Day...

Posted on 7 May, 2016 at 7:55 Comments comments (0)

For all the Grieving Moms that are living with the ultimate sacrifice this Mother's Day, I'm thinking of you all, because we all know what this day feels like when there is a face missing and a heart and soul completely crushed and how this day can tare off the scabs of that wound, and here we go again...another Happy Holiday!! So many talking about all their happiness, and all of them enjoying their children, when you want to scream and forget this day. Or do you? Maybe this mothers day can be one where we remember(if your blessed enough to have memories, some of us don't have a single one, and that's a FACT!!) How about those Mothers Day's while your child was still here? Or if you have a gift perhaps your child made for you years back in kindergarten, maybe this is the year to pull it out and you might be surprised thinking I didn't even know I had this or I forgot about this beautiful finger painting. And maybe you are lucky enough that this day doesn't even faze you, unlikely!!! Because even if you have other children it doesn't take away the pain it can actually make these holidays worse in ways you wouldn't understand this statement unless you have lived it !! Not only is that child not here but you have them as daily reminders of their brother or sister, that of your now broken family forever broken. To see this in your face daily can be so painful. How as a mother could I have let my child die, how did I ruin my entire family and cause my other children so much pain and suffering, I am a mother my only job was to keep my child/children safe and I now live with the fact that I failed! OHH Don't think for 1 second that I'm going to be able to pull out all my dead child's things and look at them with a smile on my face, because the truth of the matter is I still CAN'T and I WONT be!!! My wounds are still there and just when I thought this Mothers Day would be different nope not a chance in hell ! It's sneaking up on me eating away at my heart and emotions everyday leading up to tomorrow, looking on Facebook and seeing all the post about being so thankful, so lucky . Seeing posts about how everyone is going to smile for pictures, going out for brunch, and share all the happy memories they are going to create . Not me my kids have been asking me for days now because they know they have to ask. What do you want to do mom? do you want to go have lunch or lets do this or that, "No way" I want to sit on the couch or bed in my pj's for the day, I can't bare the thought of seeing all this happiness. I'm dreading the fact that on Mothers Day in order for me to see my missing link, my first born son, my baby, will be a trip to that place!! The place no mother can even imagine of going to. I will get myself up on Mothers Day and visit my son at a cemetery because I wont get a wonderful visit from my son, I will only feel cold dirt in my hands not the warmth of my sons skin, I will kiss cold hard concrete not soft moist lips, I will plant flowers in unattended soil, not be given flowers from my son that would now be 27 years old.I will talk only to him, because I will never hear his voice answer me back EVER. I will cry tears down my face not of joy from all the gifts and cards and happiness I had on Mothers Day, but of pain, sorrow and suffering I still feel on this day of celebration. And finally I will take a picture that never changes. Strange that we can take pictures of things and they change with growth and difference, but when you take pictures at a cemetery nothing changes ever, dead is dead. But here is a big but! (But only if I can tomorrow because I never know what it will bring). And to all of you that have never lost a child(this I am truly thankful for, no child should have to die) the answer is NO it still hurts, it actually hurts even more now then it ever has. I have said this time and time again it never ever gets easier it never stops aching inside now its been 7 years and the pain is still there I feel worse because this is no longer a joke, there is no shock to numb me from my pain, my brain can no longer try and pretend he is just on a long trip, there are no more things I can find of my sons and get overjoyed at because when you find one of these items from your dead child its like winning the lottery. There are no more memories it's just another happy holiday for the living. For me I will spend it living in the past, I will visit my sons grave, BUT only if I can, this is a grieving moms Mothers Day.
Written by Sheri Reed grieving her son Stewart Ian Reed

Butterflies For Khloe

Posted on 23 April, 2016 at 7:50 Comments comments (0)


I have been working on a very special fundraiser which I started, that is near and dear to my heart. I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little baby girl early last spring . Sadly she was just recently diagnosed with a very rare disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) this disease can be fatal in babies and children depending on the stage of the disease and many other factors, and at this point we still have no idea what stage hers is. They also found a large mass on her spine from vertebra 2 all the way to vertebra 9 on Christmas Eve of all days how horrible to be told all this on the eve of Christmas. And then when you thought it was the worse news, they still weren't done after more blood work and testing, not to mention that these tests were horrible painful tests, they were then told the worst news you could ever receive as a parent. Your baby is positive for SMA. Upon finding out that one of my "Lil babies" (I call all "MY BABIES MINE" once I get them in front of my camera lens, I went into action and started a Go Fund Me page, and many other things to help this family out . Although money can't buy love and health, my hopes were to lessen the financial burden of missed time from work, traveling back and fourth to Sick Kids, keeping up with bills, or buying Khloe anything she wanted if it meant putting a smile on her face, and to even allow mom and dad a night out when they were dealing with a sick child, and literally having your heart torn out along with all your hopes and dreams. I also upped the Go Fund Me amount and started other ways of raising money when upon searching the web day and night we have found that there are studies going on around the world that claim they are within a fingers length away from finding a cure "Currently there is NO CURE 4 SMA" As the family and I pounded the internet we found hope, but that hope was going to be very costly because everything that offered hope was 1000's of miles from where this family calls home, and nothing was going to stop me from finding the money to get them to where a cure can be found for this precious baby. I'm not only a photographer but I'm also a parent and a grieving mother myself and the gravity of this news absolutely shattered my inner core. How could a baby so sweet and innocent and perfectly healthy until now be handed this card ? How could 2 parents that are so perfect, mom ate right during pregnancy, they don't smoke or do drugs, they work out at the gym, have a beautiful home and provide loving environment, along with tight knit family unit with Grandparents and other family members that always stick together. How can they do everything right by their child and be dealt this devastating news ? And WHY after everything I have been through loosing my own first born son, did I have to cross paths with this family and this baby? I am suppose to be taking photos of happy,healthy people, that are smiling with not a care in the world. I guess you could say "Damn Luck" of the draw! Not luck that their precious baby has all these horrible things happening to her but they couldn't have found anyone else out there that would fight for them more then I ever would have and will!! This all started only 20 days ago, and I am proud to say that by taking more photos and constantly putting it on social media and not to mention they have been incredible by allowing me to time and time again ask them to "put it out there publicly" in all their own pain and heartache they still smile for the media and do yet another interview "I'm so PROUD of you Matt, Jess, and Lil Khloe" . They have never said "No, not once" they trust in me with everything they have and because of this we have raised almost $15 000.00 on the Go Fund Me page, we have also raised money in TD Canada Trust and have had so many donations for upcoming events such as a online auction March 1st, "Today Feb 14th" Winter Hockey Classic/Auction, Chapters Day Feb 19th, Boston Pizza-Ongoing in our home town will also donate 10% of all sales if you write "KHLOE" on the back of your receipt and hand it in, this community is "Truly Incredible" for everything they have done to help me to help them!! And seeing that today is Valentines Day, I figured I owed you all a great BIG I LOVE YOU! AND THANK-YOU xoxo You can read more about Khloe here or you can help by donating today here

Brides Are You Cheaping Out?

Posted on 6 January, 2016 at 9:30 Comments comments (0)

 I left this on another photographers feedback when their photo was shared on a photography site . I do realize I'm going to get flack over it saying Canada and all. It was only due to the fact that the photographer was in the U.S.A. & I being Canadian, and also because I find that it simply is true! Time and time again I see photos from the U.S. coming in of Bridal parties like this yes some are rich but buy the damn dress and you can pull off this look too! I am friends with a lot of photographers all over the world and Canadian bridal parties seem to be getting really hum drum. I think a lot has to be that YES we are polite and soft heart-ed but have we been so kind that it has caused us to loose beauty and perfection in one of the most important days of our lives?? Have we given so much control to our bridal parties to save a few bucks that we literally are missing the big picture. You might tell me now "oh but the BIG picture is my friendship and love of my friends, so I don't care" But let me tell you bottom line is YOU DO AND YOU WILL!!. Maybe not right now but when those photos come back I'm the first to blame!! Oh look at so and so she looks hideous in that dress she chose, and OMG what was Carry(fictional name) thinking wearing that as my bridesmaid, and how dare she, she couldn't even spend 50.00 on my most important day! and 100's of other things I have heard . Then its my fault I take the photos so its what everyone see's and so it has my name on them now its horrible photographer look how frump she looks, and the color is terrible quality and everything looks off, yeah me!!! Nothing to do with the fact that the bride said go buy whatever you want just show up that's all I care about, So the MOH ran out to Walmart and got a dress for 11.97 and had her friends friend down the street add a piece of lace to the back "Whalla" damn that's one hell of a Maid of Honor Dress if I do say so myself!! and now I'm suppose to make you all into Super Models in 1000.00 red carpet gowns? Yes lucky you "I CAN" Photoshop is an incredible thing shit I can even take 50 pounds off of you, but bottom line is it wont be you and it wont be the wedding you Wanted and Asked for!!

So anyways after all that here is my reply to this absolutely stunning photo BRAVO to this talented photographer...or was it mostly the way these ladies NAILED IT and did their good friend the Bride justice you agreed to do a job like any job should you not give it 100% !! I think so!

(Sheri Reed) wow if only all wedding parties would be this perfect as a photographer I can never get this must be Canada hate to say it but ladies in Canada need to step up their game this is beautiful . Now I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for my comment but here is my point they always whine about how they look as bridesmaids in the photos afterwards but look how hard these ladies worked, how they went all out and how they NAILED it (pun on the funeral end comment ) but I think black is striking right down to the little flower girl and possibly the junior bridesmaid , jewelry,and even the hair they did this bride justice on her wedding day and her wedding photos. If your going to agree to be part of a wedding don't cheap out and start whining about the cost of buying 1 darn dress its only a dress !! Lately all I hear from my brides is my girls don't want to spend money on a nice dress so I told them they can wear whatever they want? SERIOUSLY!! so the guests can come in flannel PJ's too? I mean I know your trying to be nice and thats a kind gesture but its your wedding day they agreed I'm not saying take them to the bank but tell them look my wedding is 18 months away the dress I want you to wear is 450.00-750.00 1000.00 can you please put this much away per month 20.00 50.00 or whatever your deal is and if you can't then say I'm sorry I'd love to but I can't afford to that easily or work it. Have a yard sale for Christ sake and make the money for your dear friend and buy the dress she wants you to wear and look like a Million Bucks!!

Photo Shoot Miss..

Posted on 13 December, 2015 at 19:05 Comments comments (0)


Happy Sunday everyone!! Can you all get over this weather ? although many of you warm bugs may be enjoying it, to me I just can't seem to get into the Christmas season . It just doesn't feel like Christmas to me without the snow sigh... But although we have no snow I started to buckle down realizing that there wasn't many shopping days left so I had better get a move on. I battled the traffic, fought for a parking spot and of course battled the crowds. By doing this all the while hearing the Christmas music being played over the speakers in the mall I will admit it started to feel and put me into the spirit of things. I browsed through the mall and went to other shopping outlets including visiting camera stores eeekss, shouldn't have!! It's so sad when you have young children still and your on a budget because I still have to make sure the big guy himself brings everything on the wanted list for the young ones, but of course every camera store has the most amazing sales on .And so I visited Henry's Camera Shop and they had the cutest gift card holder it was shaped like a Nikon camera and you simply get a gift card load it with dollar value and put it inside the camera...every photographers dream gift lol. And then if there is a Santa Claus they have Green Screen which is truly a magical system all in its own and its on sale,on sale and on sale again!! hint!! Well back to business as many of you have prob. read by now I announced earlier this week that I found a location to open my indoor studio and as of tomorrow I will be using this location for all my in house photography and I'm so excited!! I couldn't ask for more I have heat,hydro,air conditioning, comfort, and the most wonderful rooms filled with everything from modern to 200 year old antique furniture WOW!!. Please be sure to book an appointment with me even if its for a few head shots or a a full out photo shoot, you wont be disappointed and everyone needs a great photo of themselves or their family, child or children. My prices are incredible and beat out any other photographer around "smile" But it doesn't end here there is more exciting news when you open a studio you need so much more you need help! and you need things lots and lots of things whether it be new props, lighting units, backdrops etc, you always need something or should I say want something lol. One of the items I am always needing is little knitted items for the wee babes and its just not working getting things in from the US or UK for one thing the prices are so expensive and recently I ordered items and now they are starting to disappear in the mail another downfall did they actually get lost in the mail or are sellers even sending them out. So I figured enough is enough and found 2 ladies that can do everything I need right in my area both these women have years and years of experience knitting, crocheting and sewing and are incredible at their art!! I will have the best dressed baby's EVER!! Please welcome both Sarah Jane of My Sweet Jellybean and Maria Samuels whom has been a seamstress forever and I owe her both my left and right arms . Both these ladies are truly the most gifted and talented women when it comes to creating things and when I ask them to make something for me its like this.... " 5pm knockknock ... OMG please can you do this with some bling on it like this and a little frill on it like this and a inch bigger then this and a bit more of this with a twist of this and can I have it in 2 hours??? ( 1 hour later) Here you go and honestly 1 million times better then I could ever imagine!! Just AMAZING!!! Please be sure to visit Sarah Jane 's page on the link below and she is constantly updating it with new items she makes everything by hand. Now onto those lil lovely twins ... where to begin.. I have to say I was challenged and this is not the first time and I'm sure will never be the last time but here it is. I purchased a brand new lighting kit from my most favorite camera shop and test ran everything a few days before (check)Then 5 minutes into the photo shoot both lighting units popped and it turns out were factory defected and had to go in the garbage(got them replaced and some extra perks from Henry's as a sorry for messing up your photo shoot) and so began the run of bad luck,,, Snacks for mom and dad,for me I bring mixed muffins, but of course they were all out of any of the good nutritious ones which caused me then to be 10 minutes late running all over the place looking for fresh baked muffins (check) props all made (check) everything packed and ready to go (check) extras of everything (check) all my equipment(check) personal assistant to help assist with multiples(check) good positive vibes because nothing will go wrong and I've done this 20 times before(BEEEP) Yes I had one little guy the perfect little twin that is the heavy sleeper that sleeps through anything always decide that he was going to show me a thing or two and nope not for even 2 minutes would that darling lil boy go to sleep ... not for 1 minute would he shut his eyes. I tried feeding, changing, rocking, singing, swaddling, white noise, rain, mothers heart beat, trains, oceans, omg I tried and tried and tried and to put it mildly tried and it was just not going to happen. So bottom line is when a baby doesn't want to sleep when a baby doesn't want to do anything there simply is nothing you can do about it but try and then finally give up frown emoticon There is nobody more disappointed then I think the photographer themselves there is so much hype and excitement so much thought and planning and prep, so much creativity and hopes you have of getting those most perfect images for the momma's and you think I know this, I can beat this baby (not in that way ) you can beat them at there little game of out witting them and sooth them into getting that "OMG AWW look at that baby photo!" and then its all wiped from under you quicker then spit up!! So now what does any good photographer do exactly this . #1 I admit this baby outwitted me! #2 I Promise to come back at your convenience but asap or bring you to me, I will repeat this photo shoot at no cost to the family ever and I will get both your babies no matter what it takes(period) #3 Using Photo Shop and your talent work your magic and work with what you have to the best of your ability, and finally #4 SMILE I LOVE MY JOB, I have the best job EVER!!

Don't forget to visit Sarah's page here is the link and talk to you soon!!

Tragedy In Paris France

Posted on 15 November, 2015 at 11:00 Comments comments (0)

Good Sunday Morning Everyone! As everyone is sure to have heard the devastating news around the world about Paris, I was compelled to put together something to show respect to the lives lost. I woke up this morning, and as always opened Facebook. One by one over and over and by the minute friends and family and even strangers were changing their profile pages and profile pictures of themselves over to Paris's colors. Facebook was right on this by allowing viewers to simply "JOIN IN" so if you haven't yet done so all you have to do is find someone on your friends lists that has a profile photo and underneath it, it says "join in" by clicking this you can simply change your profile photo over to something photographers call (Double Exposure) this allows you to put another image over top a existing image. While looking at all the images that were popping up by the second it was so touching that we clearly had all the same thing on our minds and that was our hearts and prayers were with all the lives lost, and all of Paris! How horrible that once again another beautiful part of our world has fell victim to terrorists attacks. While glued to the news I noticed photographers photographing this coverage and could not imagine the horror and the work they have in front of them to ensure that they do their job with the utmost compassion ensuring that they use dignity in every image they take, but then what is dignity in such a horrific time as this? Everyone around the world wants to know whats going on, they want to be up to date on every detail, but how does a photographer take photos of this but still keep the public sheltered? We don't! It's that simple, sad to say we are there to do a job, and that is get the photos of the devastation , from every angle, the rawness,the grief, the bloodshed, every detail. I am not speaking from experience, because I have never had this exposure myself but I have spoke with fellow photographers, and reporters over the last few days that have actually been overseas as war photographers with the Military etc. and we chatted about this. How can you? Why would you? and so many other questions I asked . Gosh sometimes I wish I could take you all with me to hear and see everything I hear and see and you would get it . But it is so much more then what I'm typing to you right now. There is so much more passion then just going and getting a photo and putting it in a newspaper and on the news and people thinking "oh gross, how could you take that photo" there are actual times when these photos are of help to grieving families, when these photos have helped the police in finding who these bastards that committed these heinous crimes have given us a clue and helped capture and convict them. There is so much more!! This morning I took all your prayers and "United them Together" I just grabbed the first ones down my friends and family list on my own personal Facebook for no particular reason other then they were just popping up as quickly as I could save them and created this with all of you. You are all so beautiful I took notice that when we are all the same color not one of us were any better or any different from the next, we were friends, lovers, white,black,gay,newborn,old,animal,human and we all are living beings we matter we love and we grieve and we pray for lives lost as one "United Together"

Photographer's Reading Week

Posted on 22 October, 2015 at 9:10 Comments comments (0)

Ok so lets take a breath a catch up Fall is actually coming to a end and I know you all don't want to hear it but its true! The leaves are mostly on the ground and the trees are becoming more bare by the day. I have completed as many family outdoor photo shoots as possible and believe it or not as a photographer that makes every season go by so quickly. When you are constantly looking through a lens you take notice of things such as where the sun is, how much time you have left until the sun actually goes down, what the temperature is or what the weather forecast for the weekend is going to be like, it feels like time is just gone with the click of the shutter. But with the end of every season excitement builds for the next one. So here it comes the dreaded word "WINTER" I personally love the winter it brings with it a whole new look. People pull out their warm sweaters and woolly mittens and colors just pop so much more when your only background is naked trees and skies with crystal snow for rugs under your feet, and lets not forget you personally all of a sudden people have rosy cheeks and seem to sit or stand that much closer to get the photo, and tend to listen to the photographer more! Could it have anything to do with wanting to get out of the cold? so lets get it right the first time lol...Now back to the serious stuff this is what I'm going to call "Photographers Reading Week" starting today, for the next 5 days I begin to edit and catch up on everything I haven't had a chance to do. I still have day 2 of the Pow wow that have yet to be edited, some other families photos, weddings etc.etc. gosh there are even concert photos that haven't been edited from the summer. Not only that but this is when I have a chance to read up on new things that have hit the photography market, catch up on paper work, and apply to workshops to fine tune my skills and just learn more, because you can never know enough in this business. I have a wonderful brilliant teacher and I need to get myself back into the classroom because I have new equipment and a new camera and he teaches me all that mumbo jumbo stuff that one day will put me on the cover of Vogue Magazine LOL! All kidding aside it's stuff that every photographer should be doing and that is constantly upgrading yourself you will never ever have enough knowledge or know enough when it comes to being a photographer ever! There is always something out there to expand on weather it be a simple posing position for a bride, or safety method for a newborn or the histograms on a new bodied camera you can never know enough and its constantly upgrading . I also take this time to shop ... Yes Shop, its Halloween so out come the fun little items that throughout the year I need that.... Oh this will work for.... OH I have to have ....oh you get my point. But I am also very handy and I would say that 98 percent of anything that goes on my wee ones is handmade by me! Little knit or crocheted hats, sewn rompers, fluffy blankets, twinkly tiaras are all done right here in this "sweatshop" but I do have the joys of shopping for the perfect wool's, mohair and other pretty yarns and surfing the net for ideas of whats trending, and what the mama's will want to see their babies in . I also belong to about 100 photography photo prop groups mostly out in the UK and these ladies are wonderful to me and are kind enough to package in tight little envelopes(to cut cost of shipping) so that I am getting items made from real sheep on their own hobby farms, hand spun,even dyed with natural ingredients such as berries or beet root etc. then hand made into knitted sets what more can I ask for, Thank-you Ladies!! And lastly I have booked my own photo shoot! I am currently also doing freelance work for 2 huge magazines, and need to get a few photos myself so after many years of looking I have finally found the right guy for the job and have my own photo shoot booked in the first week of November. I needed to get something with a little bit of a edge to it that I can use when covering my concert end of photography and all my Hip Hop and Rap artist and my pink flamingo is not edgy enough but yet I didn't want anything edgy on my family and infant photos so I have decided to go with 2 separate watermarks so this is another project I will be working on during my Photographer's Reading Week. Well there it is I have caught you all up to date on everything going on in my crazy life . Please remember its never to early to book your winter and Christmas photos, these will be starting the 2nd week of November to have them in plenty of time for Christmas. I will be offering Christmas sessions and "YES" the big guy himself will be part of the photo shoot, you wont want to miss out on this so book now or be sure to share and tell your friends and family and if you are interested you can also comment here and I will contact you shortly to book your appointment.

Fall Is Upon Us

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Well summer is coming to a end and fall is just around the corner. The children are officially back to school, which started my photography season off full fledge with a photo shoot of my Grandson's very first day in Kindergarten, wow where has the time gone?

This is my most favorite season with all of the colors and the weather being just perfect for photographs. You can;t pick more perfect weather then the fall, its so nice to just throw on a warm sweater and a pair or worn jeans and my favorite Hunter boots and dive in. The colors are enough to blind you and every corner and tree is a perfect prop and back drop. I hope that families keep me busy and book upcoming fall days for perfect family photo shoots not to mention a upcoming wedding in the nest 2 weeks. I have also been busy purchasing new props because before you know it the winter season will also be sneaking up on us and everyone will want the latest new items for their smiley children . Enjoy the colors, the crisp air and of course the great smells that go along with it. ShooterSheri xo

Event with Cystic Fibrosis & Upcoming Events

Posted on 26 August, 2015 at 19:00 Comments comments (0)

Had a busy week and weekend. I was inviting to photograph all the entertainers for a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis. The event started at 12 pm, and went through until 1 am . The musicians started right on time and every hour around the clock a new singer or band came on stage. Although I was extremly tired by the end of the event, it was wonderful to see and listen to each person and I also captured some amazing photos as each act came on stage. Now the real work began, the next 3 days were spent uploading and editing all almost 800 images. Although it was not a paid photoshoot it was nice to give back to the community and meet some great people. Things are picking up with summer coming to a end I figured for sure it would slow down, I mean wedding season is almost over right? Now it seems to be baby season and I have been taking calls daily for either maternity or newborns. I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, the batteries are re charged and new memory chips have been loaded and babies are being born, a nice change from the thumping music to the quietness of lullabies . Did I mention that when I do photoshoots of newborns not only do I keep them warm and cozy but I bring along a small compact disk player and play gentle infant music it puts you in a totally different mind frame and seems to sooth the babies too..til next time 

The Start of Weekly Blog

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Well here it goes this seems like the thing everyone wants to know in writing what your doing! Life is all about who is doing what, where and when and then there are images so behind the lens I do my very best to capture those moments in life . Wheather it be in passing, a special event or the most intimate and private moments in a persons life and by doing this you then get to know every moment of my life :) until next time I hope this will hold you over I promise my next entry will be much more exciting!!!