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Photographer's Reading Week

Posted on 22 October, 2015 at 9:10

Ok so lets take a breath a catch up Fall is actually coming to a end and I know you all don't want to hear it but its true! The leaves are mostly on the ground and the trees are becoming more bare by the day. I have completed as many family outdoor photo shoots as possible and believe it or not as a photographer that makes every season go by so quickly. When you are constantly looking through a lens you take notice of things such as where the sun is, how much time you have left until the sun actually goes down, what the temperature is or what the weather forecast for the weekend is going to be like, it feels like time is just gone with the click of the shutter. But with the end of every season excitement builds for the next one. So here it comes the dreaded word "WINTER" I personally love the winter it brings with it a whole new look. People pull out their warm sweaters and woolly mittens and colors just pop so much more when your only background is naked trees and skies with crystal snow for rugs under your feet, and lets not forget you personally all of a sudden people have rosy cheeks and seem to sit or stand that much closer to get the photo, and tend to listen to the photographer more! Could it have anything to do with wanting to get out of the cold? so lets get it right the first time lol...Now back to the serious stuff this is what I'm going to call "Photographers Reading Week" starting today, for the next 5 days I begin to edit and catch up on everything I haven't had a chance to do. I still have day 2 of the Pow wow that have yet to be edited, some other families photos, weddings etc.etc. gosh there are even concert photos that haven't been edited from the summer. Not only that but this is when I have a chance to read up on new things that have hit the photography market, catch up on paper work, and apply to workshops to fine tune my skills and just learn more, because you can never know enough in this business. I have a wonderful brilliant teacher and I need to get myself back into the classroom because I have new equipment and a new camera and he teaches me all that mumbo jumbo stuff that one day will put me on the cover of Vogue Magazine LOL! All kidding aside it's stuff that every photographer should be doing and that is constantly upgrading yourself you will never ever have enough knowledge or know enough when it comes to being a photographer ever! There is always something out there to expand on weather it be a simple posing position for a bride, or safety method for a newborn or the histograms on a new bodied camera you can never know enough and its constantly upgrading . I also take this time to shop ... Yes Shop, its Halloween so out come the fun little items that throughout the year I need that.... Oh this will work for.... OH I have to have ....oh you get my point. But I am also very handy and I would say that 98 percent of anything that goes on my wee ones is handmade by me! Little knit or crocheted hats, sewn rompers, fluffy blankets, twinkly tiaras are all done right here in this "sweatshop" but I do have the joys of shopping for the perfect wool's, mohair and other pretty yarns and surfing the net for ideas of whats trending, and what the mama's will want to see their babies in . I also belong to about 100 photography photo prop groups mostly out in the UK and these ladies are wonderful to me and are kind enough to package in tight little envelopes(to cut cost of shipping) so that I am getting items made from real sheep on their own hobby farms, hand spun,even dyed with natural ingredients such as berries or beet root etc. then hand made into knitted sets what more can I ask for, Thank-you Ladies!! And lastly I have booked my own photo shoot! I am currently also doing freelance work for 2 huge magazines, and need to get a few photos myself so after many years of looking I have finally found the right guy for the job and have my own photo shoot booked in the first week of November. I needed to get something with a little bit of a edge to it that I can use when covering my concert end of photography and all my Hip Hop and Rap artist and my pink flamingo is not edgy enough but yet I didn't want anything edgy on my family and infant photos so I have decided to go with 2 separate watermarks so this is another project I will be working on during my Photographer's Reading Week. Well there it is I have caught you all up to date on everything going on in my crazy life . Please remember its never to early to book your winter and Christmas photos, these will be starting the 2nd week of November to have them in plenty of time for Christmas. I will be offering Christmas sessions and "YES" the big guy himself will be part of the photo shoot, you wont want to miss out on this so book now or be sure to share and tell your friends and family and if you are interested you can also comment here and I will contact you shortly to book your appointment.

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