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Tragedy In Paris France

Posted on 15 November, 2015 at 11:00

Good Sunday Morning Everyone! As everyone is sure to have heard the devastating news around the world about Paris, I was compelled to put together something to show respect to the lives lost. I woke up this morning, and as always opened Facebook. One by one over and over and by the minute friends and family and even strangers were changing their profile pages and profile pictures of themselves over to Paris's colors. Facebook was right on this by allowing viewers to simply "JOIN IN" so if you haven't yet done so all you have to do is find someone on your friends lists that has a profile photo and underneath it, it says "join in" by clicking this you can simply change your profile photo over to something photographers call (Double Exposure) this allows you to put another image over top a existing image. While looking at all the images that were popping up by the second it was so touching that we clearly had all the same thing on our minds and that was our hearts and prayers were with all the lives lost, and all of Paris! How horrible that once again another beautiful part of our world has fell victim to terrorists attacks. While glued to the news I noticed photographers photographing this coverage and could not imagine the horror and the work they have in front of them to ensure that they do their job with the utmost compassion ensuring that they use dignity in every image they take, but then what is dignity in such a horrific time as this? Everyone around the world wants to know whats going on, they want to be up to date on every detail, but how does a photographer take photos of this but still keep the public sheltered? We don't! It's that simple, sad to say we are there to do a job, and that is get the photos of the devastation , from every angle, the rawness,the grief, the bloodshed, every detail. I am not speaking from experience, because I have never had this exposure myself but I have spoke with fellow photographers, and reporters over the last few days that have actually been overseas as war photographers with the Military etc. and we chatted about this. How can you? Why would you? and so many other questions I asked . Gosh sometimes I wish I could take you all with me to hear and see everything I hear and see and you would get it . But it is so much more then what I'm typing to you right now. There is so much more passion then just going and getting a photo and putting it in a newspaper and on the news and people thinking "oh gross, how could you take that photo" there are actual times when these photos are of help to grieving families, when these photos have helped the police in finding who these bastards that committed these heinous crimes have given us a clue and helped capture and convict them. There is so much more!! This morning I took all your prayers and "United them Together" I just grabbed the first ones down my friends and family list on my own personal Facebook for no particular reason other then they were just popping up as quickly as I could save them and created this with all of you. You are all so beautiful I took notice that when we are all the same color not one of us were any better or any different from the next, we were friends, lovers, white,black,gay,newborn,old,animal,human and we all are living beings we matter we love and we grieve and we pray for lives lost as one "United Together"

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