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Photo Shoot Miss..

Posted on 13 December, 2015 at 19:05


Happy Sunday everyone!! Can you all get over this weather ? although many of you warm bugs may be enjoying it, to me I just can't seem to get into the Christmas season . It just doesn't feel like Christmas to me without the snow sigh... But although we have no snow I started to buckle down realizing that there wasn't many shopping days left so I had better get a move on. I battled the traffic, fought for a parking spot and of course battled the crowds. By doing this all the while hearing the Christmas music being played over the speakers in the mall I will admit it started to feel and put me into the spirit of things. I browsed through the mall and went to other shopping outlets including visiting camera stores eeekss, shouldn't have!! It's so sad when you have young children still and your on a budget because I still have to make sure the big guy himself brings everything on the wanted list for the young ones, but of course every camera store has the most amazing sales on .And so I visited Henry's Camera Shop and they had the cutest gift card holder it was shaped like a Nikon camera and you simply get a gift card load it with dollar value and put it inside the camera...every photographers dream gift lol. And then if there is a Santa Claus they have Green Screen which is truly a magical system all in its own and its on sale,on sale and on sale again!! hint!! Well back to business as many of you have prob. read by now I announced earlier this week that I found a location to open my indoor studio and as of tomorrow I will be using this location for all my in house photography and I'm so excited!! I couldn't ask for more I have heat,hydro,air conditioning, comfort, and the most wonderful rooms filled with everything from modern to 200 year old antique furniture WOW!!. Please be sure to book an appointment with me even if its for a few head shots or a a full out photo shoot, you wont be disappointed and everyone needs a great photo of themselves or their family, child or children. My prices are incredible and beat out any other photographer around "smile" But it doesn't end here there is more exciting news when you open a studio you need so much more you need help! and you need things lots and lots of things whether it be new props, lighting units, backdrops etc, you always need something or should I say want something lol. One of the items I am always needing is little knitted items for the wee babes and its just not working getting things in from the US or UK for one thing the prices are so expensive and recently I ordered items and now they are starting to disappear in the mail another downfall did they actually get lost in the mail or are sellers even sending them out. So I figured enough is enough and found 2 ladies that can do everything I need right in my area both these women have years and years of experience knitting, crocheting and sewing and are incredible at their art!! I will have the best dressed baby's EVER!! Please welcome both Sarah Jane of My Sweet Jellybean and Maria Samuels whom has been a seamstress forever and I owe her both my left and right arms . Both these ladies are truly the most gifted and talented women when it comes to creating things and when I ask them to make something for me its like this.... " 5pm knockknock ... OMG please can you do this with some bling on it like this and a little frill on it like this and a inch bigger then this and a bit more of this with a twist of this and can I have it in 2 hours??? ( 1 hour later) Here you go and honestly 1 million times better then I could ever imagine!! Just AMAZING!!! Please be sure to visit Sarah Jane 's page on the link below and she is constantly updating it with new items she makes everything by hand. Now onto those lil lovely twins ... where to begin.. I have to say I was challenged and this is not the first time and I'm sure will never be the last time but here it is. I purchased a brand new lighting kit from my most favorite camera shop and test ran everything a few days before (check)Then 5 minutes into the photo shoot both lighting units popped and it turns out were factory defected and had to go in the garbage(got them replaced and some extra perks from Henry's as a sorry for messing up your photo shoot) and so began the run of bad luck,,, Snacks for mom and dad,for me I bring mixed muffins, but of course they were all out of any of the good nutritious ones which caused me then to be 10 minutes late running all over the place looking for fresh baked muffins (check) props all made (check) everything packed and ready to go (check) extras of everything (check) all my equipment(check) personal assistant to help assist with multiples(check) good positive vibes because nothing will go wrong and I've done this 20 times before(BEEEP) Yes I had one little guy the perfect little twin that is the heavy sleeper that sleeps through anything always decide that he was going to show me a thing or two and nope not for even 2 minutes would that darling lil boy go to sleep ... not for 1 minute would he shut his eyes. I tried feeding, changing, rocking, singing, swaddling, white noise, rain, mothers heart beat, trains, oceans, omg I tried and tried and tried and to put it mildly tried and it was just not going to happen. So bottom line is when a baby doesn't want to sleep when a baby doesn't want to do anything there simply is nothing you can do about it but try and then finally give up frown emoticon There is nobody more disappointed then I think the photographer themselves there is so much hype and excitement so much thought and planning and prep, so much creativity and hopes you have of getting those most perfect images for the momma's and you think I know this, I can beat this baby (not in that way ) you can beat them at there little game of out witting them and sooth them into getting that "OMG AWW look at that baby photo!" and then its all wiped from under you quicker then spit up!! So now what does any good photographer do exactly this . #1 I admit this baby outwitted me! #2 I Promise to come back at your convenience but asap or bring you to me, I will repeat this photo shoot at no cost to the family ever and I will get both your babies no matter what it takes(period) #3 Using Photo Shop and your talent work your magic and work with what you have to the best of your ability, and finally #4 SMILE I LOVE MY JOB, I have the best job EVER!!

Don't forget to visit Sarah's page here is the link and talk to you soon!!

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