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Brides Are You Cheaping Out?

Posted on 6 January, 2016 at 9:30

 I left this on another photographers feedback when their photo was shared on a photography site . I do realize I'm going to get flack over it saying Canada and all. It was only due to the fact that the photographer was in the U.S.A. & I being Canadian, and also because I find that it simply is true! Time and time again I see photos from the U.S. coming in of Bridal parties like this yes some are rich but buy the damn dress and you can pull off this look too! I am friends with a lot of photographers all over the world and Canadian bridal parties seem to be getting really hum drum. I think a lot has to be that YES we are polite and soft heart-ed but have we been so kind that it has caused us to loose beauty and perfection in one of the most important days of our lives?? Have we given so much control to our bridal parties to save a few bucks that we literally are missing the big picture. You might tell me now "oh but the BIG picture is my friendship and love of my friends, so I don't care" But let me tell you bottom line is YOU DO AND YOU WILL!!. Maybe not right now but when those photos come back I'm the first to blame!! Oh look at so and so she looks hideous in that dress she chose, and OMG what was Carry(fictional name) thinking wearing that as my bridesmaid, and how dare she, she couldn't even spend 50.00 on my most important day! and 100's of other things I have heard . Then its my fault I take the photos so its what everyone see's and so it has my name on them now its horrible photographer look how frump she looks, and the color is terrible quality and everything looks off, yeah me!!! Nothing to do with the fact that the bride said go buy whatever you want just show up that's all I care about, So the MOH ran out to Walmart and got a dress for 11.97 and had her friends friend down the street add a piece of lace to the back "Whalla" damn that's one hell of a Maid of Honor Dress if I do say so myself!! and now I'm suppose to make you all into Super Models in 1000.00 red carpet gowns? Yes lucky you "I CAN" Photoshop is an incredible thing shit I can even take 50 pounds off of you, but bottom line is it wont be you and it wont be the wedding you Wanted and Asked for!!

So anyways after all that here is my reply to this absolutely stunning photo BRAVO to this talented photographer...or was it mostly the way these ladies NAILED IT and did their good friend the Bride justice you agreed to do a job like any job should you not give it 100% !! I think so!

(Sheri Reed) wow if only all wedding parties would be this perfect as a photographer I can never get this must be Canada hate to say it but ladies in Canada need to step up their game this is beautiful . Now I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for my comment but here is my point they always whine about how they look as bridesmaids in the photos afterwards but look how hard these ladies worked, how they went all out and how they NAILED it (pun on the funeral end comment ) but I think black is striking right down to the little flower girl and possibly the junior bridesmaid , jewelry,and even the hair they did this bride justice on her wedding day and her wedding photos. If your going to agree to be part of a wedding don't cheap out and start whining about the cost of buying 1 darn dress its only a dress !! Lately all I hear from my brides is my girls don't want to spend money on a nice dress so I told them they can wear whatever they want? SERIOUSLY!! so the guests can come in flannel PJ's too? I mean I know your trying to be nice and thats a kind gesture but its your wedding day they agreed I'm not saying take them to the bank but tell them look my wedding is 18 months away the dress I want you to wear is 450.00-750.00 1000.00 can you please put this much away per month 20.00 50.00 or whatever your deal is and if you can't then say I'm sorry I'd love to but I can't afford to that easily or work it. Have a yard sale for Christ sake and make the money for your dear friend and buy the dress she wants you to wear and look like a Million Bucks!!

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