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Butterflies For Khloe

Posted on 23 April, 2016 at 7:50


I have been working on a very special fundraiser which I started, that is near and dear to my heart. I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet little baby girl early last spring . Sadly she was just recently diagnosed with a very rare disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) this disease can be fatal in babies and children depending on the stage of the disease and many other factors, and at this point we still have no idea what stage hers is. They also found a large mass on her spine from vertebra 2 all the way to vertebra 9 on Christmas Eve of all days how horrible to be told all this on the eve of Christmas. And then when you thought it was the worse news, they still weren't done after more blood work and testing, not to mention that these tests were horrible painful tests, they were then told the worst news you could ever receive as a parent. Your baby is positive for SMA. Upon finding out that one of my "Lil babies" (I call all "MY BABIES MINE" once I get them in front of my camera lens, I went into action and started a Go Fund Me page, and many other things to help this family out . Although money can't buy love and health, my hopes were to lessen the financial burden of missed time from work, traveling back and fourth to Sick Kids, keeping up with bills, or buying Khloe anything she wanted if it meant putting a smile on her face, and to even allow mom and dad a night out when they were dealing with a sick child, and literally having your heart torn out along with all your hopes and dreams. I also upped the Go Fund Me amount and started other ways of raising money when upon searching the web day and night we have found that there are studies going on around the world that claim they are within a fingers length away from finding a cure "Currently there is NO CURE 4 SMA" As the family and I pounded the internet we found hope, but that hope was going to be very costly because everything that offered hope was 1000's of miles from where this family calls home, and nothing was going to stop me from finding the money to get them to where a cure can be found for this precious baby. I'm not only a photographer but I'm also a parent and a grieving mother myself and the gravity of this news absolutely shattered my inner core. How could a baby so sweet and innocent and perfectly healthy until now be handed this card ? How could 2 parents that are so perfect, mom ate right during pregnancy, they don't smoke or do drugs, they work out at the gym, have a beautiful home and provide loving environment, along with tight knit family unit with Grandparents and other family members that always stick together. How can they do everything right by their child and be dealt this devastating news ? And WHY after everything I have been through loosing my own first born son, did I have to cross paths with this family and this baby? I am suppose to be taking photos of happy,healthy people, that are smiling with not a care in the world. I guess you could say "Damn Luck" of the draw! Not luck that their precious baby has all these horrible things happening to her but they couldn't have found anyone else out there that would fight for them more then I ever would have and will!! This all started only 20 days ago, and I am proud to say that by taking more photos and constantly putting it on social media and not to mention they have been incredible by allowing me to time and time again ask them to "put it out there publicly" in all their own pain and heartache they still smile for the media and do yet another interview "I'm so PROUD of you Matt, Jess, and Lil Khloe" . They have never said "No, not once" they trust in me with everything they have and because of this we have raised almost $15 000.00 on the Go Fund Me page, we have also raised money in TD Canada Trust and have had so many donations for upcoming events such as a online auction March 1st, "Today Feb 14th" Winter Hockey Classic/Auction, Chapters Day Feb 19th, Boston Pizza-Ongoing in our home town will also donate 10% of all sales if you write "KHLOE" on the back of your receipt and hand it in, this community is "Truly Incredible" for everything they have done to help me to help them!! And seeing that today is Valentines Day, I figured I owed you all a great BIG I LOVE YOU! AND THANK-YOU xoxo You can read more about Khloe here or you can help by donating today here

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