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March 11 2016

Robert Howse writes: Awesome pics love them so much .. U did an amazing job with these pictures.. Ty!!  Sheri Reed

"ShooterSheri Photography" :  Katie Todd> You have a special gift capturing these moments with your lens ! Feb 7 2016.

Nov. 25th 2015.

"ShooterSheri Photography" :  Michelle Taylor Leonhardi love coming back to read this story!!! So much you can capture through the lens of a camera!!! Kchi Miigwech Sheri Reed!!!

Well here is a very touching moment I caught through my lens during the Powwow . As many might not know during a powwow if a eagle feather falls to the ground you are never to pick it up or handle it, this is a very sacred custom and rather you should stand guarding this feather and have someone go and get one of the people that are holding the powwow and that are in charge to assist as they will know all the proper procedures . These two photos are my most favorite photos out of all that I took and I'm pretty sure that nobody else saw or were able to catch this private moment I captured here. These 2 photos actually made me cry when I finally got to them for editing. These two little girls were dancing when one of them was just about to loose her eagle feather out of her regalia her little friend caught it just in time and they sat and tried to put it back but for some reason or another they instead pulled a eagle feather out of each others regalia and traded each other giving one eagle feather for the other. It just touched my heart so much. All the music and dancing going on, no adults to tell them what was right or wrong just a private moment between two children that are friends doing something so beautiful that I will always keep in my heart. Thank-you for this special moment...

Feb. 28, 2016

Brittany Pratt:"ShooterSheri Photography"  She was amazing with all the kids. She was so patient and it took 2 hours to get the photos done. She kept saying she wasn't in a hurry and would stay as long as it took which was nice. I'm definitely gunna be using her again!!


 Love them all Sheri! Thank you so much for doing all this hard work so close to Christmas. You truly Have made our Christmas! Becky Tee.

28 Oct. 2015

"ShooterSheri Photography":  Wow Sheri Reed what an amazing job thanks so much, loved them !! Paul Thackeray(Wedding of Joey & Paul)

Thank you very much Sheri, the pictures are beautiful! I couldn't have pulled this wedding off without the help and you Sheri for capturing the most wonderful day of my life! Joey-Lynn Thackeray.

No flubs at all, we are sooo appreciative for your professionalism, the photos and also the fact that you left nothing out, everything was important which is awesome.We would certainly recommend you to anyone! they are effing awesome (effing is for effect) Sheri, we couldn't have asked for Better!!!

-Jason Gilbert-Knott


I have had all my photos done by this amazing women with my first and 4th pregnancy!

- Penny Lane Spencer


My experience with Sheri far exceeded my expectations. She stopped at nothing to make sure I was going to be happy with the family shots she did. She is patient, kind, caring, accommodating, professional and it was a pleasure spending the time with her that we did, not to mention the beautiful pictures I now have that will be forever treasured... 
Thanks Sheri

- Angie

Sheri has photographed many of our family photos birthday parties and I wouldn't choose anyone else. She is very child friendly and goes above And beyond to fit all your needs!                                               Lynda K. Spencer.

Got together with this amazing photographer to do some very special family fall pictures. I couldn't be happier with the turn out of the pictures, Sheri was so patient with us and all our requests- there were 9 of us and a 1 year old!! Sheri is a very talented photographer, I will highly recommend her and will be definitly booking for shoots in the future. Thank you for all your time editing and getting us these memories in a timely fashion xo

Jessica M, Cherished Memories

November 23, 2015.

Hi Sheri, I  just want to say Thank you for all the shots you took that day of me. You were patient even when I was shy away from the camera. All the pictures you took were truly amazing. Thanks again!! 

                               Joan Lamore...  

  Aug 10 Sass Jordan shares on Twitter

@shootersheri69 the little girl is so sweet!!!! Adorable!retweets and shares ShooterSheri photography

-Sass Jordan/ on shootersheri photography